Artist Statement

I am an artist that works between textiles, and digital art forms, combining traditional handicrafts with new forms of technology. Hovering between soft, approachable, handmade work and technology based forms of art, I use new forms of cultural relations with technology to perform storytelling traditions. Through a body of interdisciplinary practices I seek to pull back a veil on power structures and gender roles built through subversion of traditions and histories. Engaging every sense within a work I recreate a living extension of myself, birthing forms that create dialogue and tension. By employing idealized southern and latin matriarchal roles in order to approach taboo subjects of my current place in life and approach a space of re-contextualizing a history of womyn’s roles. Continuing the tradition of womyn revolting through their hushed words, their own soft nature and their subversion in the details. Focusing on the ethereal and wild nature of womyn in stories of the south my work seeks to reveal the weight womyn carry when presenting themselves to the public eye. The role of repetition investigates the societal comfort of circular narratives, questioning the role of circular actions leading to the creation of new narratives today. As well as looking to how subjecthood is created and carried within the familial and community relations of womyn, does one hold tightly to their beginnings or does one evolve into a new creature?