Peek into Processes of the everyday

In the past couple months I've moved from Saint Augustine Florida to Bloomington Indiana. In OCtober I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Grand Rapids Michigan for an artist residency and to teach a workshop in Natural dyeing. These are some images to give a glimpse into the process of working on multiple projects at a time and anywhere you can find the opportunity. 

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Florida in Bloom

As May begins Florida is in full bloom and getting greener by the day, I've been collecting the beautiful blossoms for experimenting with.

One of the materials in abundance is Bougainvilleas, the ones I collected are deep purple/pink.


photo copy 3.JPG

My beautiful Mother collecting blooms.

Florida Memories

Working with the Florida archives I take a lot of time looking through and examining photos that are rich in heritage, cliche and subtle clues to lives in the past. These particular images are of florida beauty queens. Florida has a heritage of naming beauty queens after areas and there industries, Cigar Queen in Tampa, Citrus Queen in Indian River, Spud Queen in Hastings. I constantly wonder what is it that drives these women in the pretty clothes, and crowns, and who planned these photos, who told her how to pose, how to carry herself. 


New Naturally Dyed Quilt

A few weeks ago I completed a quilt created for my cousin Syd's wedding. For the top of the quilt I used organic cotton dyed with coffee and black beans. The quilt measures 5 feet by 5 feet and is machine pieced and hand quilted.  



Quilt top

Quilt Bottom with hand embroidered detail

Quilt Bottom with hand embroidered detail


Recently myself and a group of artist have been working collectively to bring events to Saint Augustine featuring young artist and musicians. Float Collective features some really amazing artist and has been featuring shows that provide both a venue for art and live music. The collective is in the process of working on organizing more shows in the coming months both in Saint Augustine and around parts of Florida.  


This is a video of one of the Float Collective shows in which I showed work. 


Natural Dyes and New Patterns

After some long semesters I gave myself some time to decide what to do next, and I have finally started on a new quilt. This quilt top is organic cotton, and is being dyed in two dye baths a coffee dye and a black bean dye.  

I've also been creating new patterns to begin quilting. 


BFA Opening

On April 18th I gave an artist talk and showed my work at the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum in Saint Augustine Florida. My work was featured alongside some amazing artist and friends: Megan Kovak, Chryssha Guidry, Maya De Ceano-Vivas, Matt Meinhardt, Jolene Dubray, Sofi Schissel, Audrey Bernhardt, Johanna Falzone. 


New Installation

I placed a new installation within the Molly Wiley art building at Flagler College. The installation is based off of the idea of placing a site specific small scale work in a public place. Flagler has quite a few old fire places with mantels and I choose one of the few in the art building to base my work off of. I created a quilted rug and a matching pillow with  colors that are connected to some of the larger scale works that I have been working on for my final BFA portfolio.